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Here are our new arrivals from Suite One! Today is our 4-year Birthday Party! So if you see anything you like, come in and get 25% off!! You also get a FREE graphic tee when you spend $75 or more! We are able to ship anywhere for only $5 and the discount applies! Give us a call at 479-434-2318!
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A big trend that I have personally fallen for is layering jewelry. I love layering my necklaces. It adds a casual, sophisticated spark to any outfit. However, I have seen this trick look like a tangled hot mess. So how do you know when there is a layer too much or how to fix a failed attempt? Here is how…

1. Start with a statement- architecture piece. I normally always start with a shorter necklace and add the length, but you can start with the opposite.

2. Add in a “dainty” necklace. This could be anything from a choker or a thin chain (long or short).

3. Last add in a little bit chunkier piece… maybe a thicker, longer chain. I try to keep the layering around 3 necklaces. Sometimes (very rare) a fourth.

IMG_3557IMG_3558IMG_3559IMG_3560Or you can always opt out of the DIY attempt and go for a necklace that already has the layered look like this one:

IMG_3556To check availability or to order any of these necklaces, give us a call at 479-434-2318!

xoxo, Suite One

Here are some new arrivals for February! Spring is slowing sneaking up on us, so expect some shorts soon!! To order or to check availability, call our store at 479-434-2318! We ship too!

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